Pedi Pumice Sponge

Effectively removes callosities on the feet.
It is made up of double-sided special porous glass, one side for smoothing areas of hard skin and the other rough side for tougher callosities. It removes the dry and hard skin leaving it smooth and pleasant to the touch.

C.N. 371914.8

  • Features

A dual-action block of porous glass with a special finish on each side. The pink side is rough and hard, for a quick first application to callosities, the finer blue side then removes and smoothes off the dead skin.

  • Use

Bathe the feet for about 15 minutes in warm water, leaving the Pedi pumice submerged in the water.

After the foot-bath, and before drying the feet, apply soap to the wet Pedi pumice and rub over the callosities and hard skin.