Saltratos, a brand for pharmaceuticals products since 1921

Who we are?

Our feet tend to be often forgotten in body care even though they are a vital part of our body despite the effects of their condition on our general health. Being almost always enclosed in shoes and rarely exposed make us easily forget them, only to be reminded of their existence when they show us the signs of aching, swelling, odour or excessive dryness that something is wrong.

Our feet support the full weight of our body. Their day-to-day tasks are walking, running, jumping, and standing sometimes for hours, and not always in the most suitable footwear.

Devoting special and constant care to each and every part of our body, including the feet, is one of the keys for achieving a perfect healthy state and greater well-being.

Saltratos, a brand for pharmaceuticals products since 1921 specialising in foot care, offering today a full range of specifically designed products sold at chemists. Saltratos has an explicit and effective solution for all foot problems.